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this song feels like a still life, but you’re not listening anymore; no one is.

the space station will drift silently over these lonely streets in just over 5 hours, but no one will watch it; just innocuous speck on an average morning. 

If you’re the astronaut, you won’t make it to the capsule.

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we were young boys smoking in the woods

we both know we’d do it a thousand times again

left ohio one month ago today. 

feels like a few minutes, or a lifetime ago.

It’s been good and bad; either way, it’s life.

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Eels hitting the nail on the head this morning.

…it’s a motherfucker how much I understand…

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maybe we were wrong to let it go,

maybe we were wrong to keep it so long,

I don’t know what’s next, but I really hope it’s good. 

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::Icarus to Nautilus, come in::
::do you read, Nautilus?::

::Icarus to Nautilus, come in::

::do you read, Nautilus?::

"A beautiful and very early example of full-color film from 1922. Via the Slate Vault.”

(Source: appendixjournal, via astronautalis)

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