fuckin’ yeah.

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Ásgeir - Lupin Intrigue

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keta /KAY-tah/

n. an image that inexplicably leaps back into your mind from the distant past.

(via dictionaryofobscuresorrows)

happy holidays, guys.

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damn, this is beautiful!

I don’t know how this semester is almost over already, but I only have 3 more classes, one paper, and one exam, then it’s done; one semester down.

going back to ohio for a few days for christmas, and it’s hard to know what i’m walking back into. 

I just want to see my mom, dad and sister; see my grandparents to tell them I love them (maybe one last time), then get drunk with a few old friends.

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for old times’ sake

came across a Laurie Anderson reference, and was immediately taken back to this song. this song feels like a summer’s end barbecue.

"thanks for goin’ all out; thanks for showing me your swiss—army—knife"

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